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I'm a 18-year old Commander (ENTJ-A) obsessed with solving the world's biggest problems, and impacting billions of people.

I'm currently in my first-year of post-secondary education at Queen's University in the Biomedical Computing program. My passions lie in combining various exponential technologies, like artificial intelligence, and biological technologies like genome engineering, and applying them in the field of medicine to develop novel therapeutic strategies that allow for more effective treatment of various disorders.

Outside of school, I am working with a team of passionate youth to to develop prophylactic, or preventative, vaccines for cancer, to explore if it is possible to train your immune system to better recognize and attack cancer cells as soon as they appear, preventing complex tumours from ever arising. I am specifically focusing on training the B cells and T cells in the body to recognize cancer stem cells, which are suspected to be the original tumor cells responsible for giving rise to the rest of the tumor, and for supporting and maintaing growth and metastasis of cancer in the body.

I am also diving deep into human longevity, exploring the cellular and molecular mechanisms responsible for the ageing process, and therapeutic approaches to prevent, and even reverse, the progression of ageing. I am currently working at a youth-run human longevity startup called Biotein, where I am researching the mechanisms responsible for aging in the nervous system, how this causes the cognitive decline and neurological pathologies associated with age, and how it can be prevented.

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My Skills

Machine Learning

Extensive experience developing machine learning algorithms for various uses, including computer vision, image classification, and data extrapolation.

Gene Editing

Learning the processes behind genetic editing and engineering, and utilizing these skills towards curing various genetic disorders.

Data Analysis

Experience with forming conclusions from data analysis. Experienced in programming R and Python for data analysis.


Working under the guidance of professors at Queen's University to perform research in cancer prediction and prophylactic cancer vaccine development.

Web Development

I have worked on numerous websites for organizations including the IYNA and the International Brain Bee, and for the Simpson Lab Website.

Problem Solving

I invest all of my energy and time into a problem, ensuring that I solve it, and do so with high-quality results.

My Projects

Featured Articles

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